Photo courtesy of subscriber Marikapedia.

This box was all about DIY Publishing - providing the knowledge, supplies, and inspiration to create books and zines of your own. Here's what we included:

  • Stolen Sharpie Revolution, by Alex Wrekk of Portland Button Works. This delightful resource has easy tutorials on everything from paper-making to bookbinding to digital zine distribution.
  • Our favorite Sharpie, a fine-tip retractable. We think you'll agree - it's the ultimate Sharpie experience. Just don't let it get stolen!
  • "Read More Books" button and "I <3 Books" magnet, also from Portland Button Works
  • Fixed and Fleeting, a pair of zines by one of our favorite DIY artists, Ellen Marie Bae.
  • Books By Hand mini book kits from Lineco, the industry standard in archival printing and bookmaking supplies.

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