Photo credit: KM Bezner


We sent out 230 LITKITs with our first delivery, to Kickstarter supporters who helped us launch. Here's what was inside:

  • The Shrug 4: Family, from tNY Press. We LOVE tNY, and The Shrug is their literary journal. Their cutthroat wit and eye for sharp design places them on the cutting edge of independent publishing. Or, as Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket) noted, it's "just what I want, when I read a thing."

  • Sharpen, by Rich Ives. This unique chapbook presents a collection of keen poetry and prose, which cuts right to the heart.

  • Yellow Shard Bookmarks, courtesy tNY Press.

  • Rainbow Pencils. These recycled paper pencils are not only environmentally friendly, they are delightful to sharpen! Each twist creates a tiny paper rainbow.

  • "Leaves" story postcard by m(V)k. This month, we'd like you to sharpen your pencils and tell us a story. Your postcard is printed with a story prompt, and pre-addressed to LITKIT. Write your story on the other side, and send it to us for a chance to win a little something special!

We're working hard on the next box right now, and we're really excited! Stay tuned for more - or subscribe here, if you haven't yet!

Yours in bibliomania,