Photo credit: KM Bezner


We sent out 230 LITKITs with our first delivery, to Kickstarter supporters who helped us launch. Here's what was inside:

  • The Shrug 4: Family, from tNY Press - we LOVE tNY, and The Shrug is their literary journal. As they put it, “Just what I want when I read a thing.” - Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket).
  • Sharpen, by Rich Ives, published by tNY Press - a chapbook with an edge.
  • Bookmarks, courtesy tNY Press.
  • Recycled paper rainbow pencils - these are delightful to sharpen, creating tiny paper ribbon rainbows.
  • "Leaves" story postcard by m(V)k - this month, the postcard is addressed to us here at LITKIT, with the suggestion "Tell us a story about the leaves". 
  • Monthly insert with writing prompt calendar.

We're working hard on the next box right now, and we're really excited!  We think you'll love it, as well!

Yours in bibliomania,