Our second box focused on improvisation; the inimitable stand-up poet Mighty Mike McGee was our featured author. Here's what we delivered!

  • In Search of Midnight, poetry by Mike McGee
  • Romantic Electric Camouflage (numbered first edition), chapbook by Mike McGee
  • Harmony (audio album), download card by Mike McGee
  • Running Makes Me Sad, sticker by Mike McGee
  • Street Poems, a soulful chapbook by street poet Kevin Devaney 
  • Matchbox Theater from Leafcutter Designs, an improv device featuring the poetry of Pablo Neruda.
  • As always, our monthly writing prompt calendar:

We really dig Mike and Kevin's poetry and performance. Check out these recordings for a taste of their style:

Mike McGee - Like Poem


Mike McGee - Live on Snap Judgement


Kevin Devaney - Oberon (audio recording)

 We'd love to see video of your creations - especially any impromptu productions created with your Matchbox Theater! Forward your improvisations to us, here - or tag us on social media.