This month, LITKIT takes a look at the theme Improvisation. Here's what we delivered!

  • In Search of Midnight, poetry by the inimitable stand-up poet Mighty Mike McGee.

  • A numbered, first-edition copy of the Romantic Electric Camouflage  chapbook.

  • Harmony, Mike McGee's spoken-word album. (Download the audio directly, using the included card and code.)

  • Running Makes Me Sad notebook sticker.

  • Street Poems, a soulful chapbook of improvised typewriter poems, by street poet Kevin Devaney

  • Matchbox Theater from Leafcutter Designs. This fun little improv device allows you to create your own tiny stage performance, featuring the poetry of Pablo Neruda.

We really dig Mike and Kevin's improvisational poetry and performance. Check out these recordings for a little taste of their individual styles:


Kevin Devaney's Oberon Endures a Break-Up (audio recording).

We'd love to see how this month's delivery inspires you to improvise - so send us audio or video of your impromptu productions for a chance to win some LITKIT swag! Forward your improvisations via our contact page - or tag us on social media. :)

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